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INGREDIENTS: -70% mil BREZO-10% royal jelly 
- 10% pollen -10% propolis

Uses: It is recommended to take it daily in the morning or in a snack with bread or mixed with dairy products. As a supplement, 3 teaspoons are recommended for 20 days and a 7-day break.

- 250 Gm reusable glass jar.

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Properties: It has antiseptic and bacteriostatic action , so it is used in the prevention of flu processes.Normalizes metabolic processes (helps restore appetite), improves basal metabolism, reinforcing stomach and intestinal peristalsis. Stimulates cell metabolism and is an excellent epithelializer and regenerator of tissues. Slows the aging process of the skin and improves its hydration and elasticity. It helps the body's natural defenses as it stimulates the production of antibodies and the proliferation of cells involved in the body's immune response mechanisms. Provides energy and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Increases physical and mental stamina and improves sexual performance. Scientific studies have shown that it reduces blood cholesterol levels by 14% and total lipids by 10%. Recommended in cases of arterioclerosis, anemia as it normalizes triglyceride levels, increasing the production of red blood cells (hemoglobin) due to its folic acid and niacin content. Helps stabilize blood sugar levels despite being high in "good sugars".

Appearance: brown viscous paste.

Taste: It has a mild sweetness. It can present a certain acid or bitter touch depending on the flowers used by the bees in that season.

Smell: Sweet smell , not cloying.