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  • Canister 70 gr.  Select Collection They are made from dried and subsequently ground mushrooms. They are used as a condiment, enhancing and providing any recipe with the characteristic flavor of the mushroom. Very used in stews, bechamel, croquettes, pasta, etc.

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  • Dehydrated Boletus edulis  “Tentullos”  Package 50 gr. “Select Collection”.  For many it is the mushroom par excellence of our Sierra. Very  appreciated and valued in the world of gastronomy, for its excellent and intense flavor. It has a pleasant texture, which combines perfectly with rice, stews, stews and sauces. Laminated from 4.8 to 12 cm. aprox.

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  • Amanita caesarea, boletus edulis, crateherellus cornucopioides, calocybe gambosa, pleurotus ostreatus. This combination of mushrooms gives us multiple possibilities when preparing our dishes, giving us the best of each of the mushrooms that compose it. Can be used in any recipe. Package 80 gR. “SELECTED COLLECTED”.

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  • Package 50 gr. “Select Collection”.Tana, Huevo de Rey, Oronja, For many she is considered the queen of mushrooms. Its name is due to the predilection that the Césares felt for her in Roman times. "La Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche" is one of the few privileged places throughout the Peninsula where we can find it. Excellent edible. The taste of its...

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  • “Trompeta negra” o “Trompeta de los muertos" It owes its name to its characteristic shape and color that make it unmistakable at the hands of the collector. It has a fruity aroma and intense flavor. It is a variety much appreciated by expert restorers. We recommend it for all types of dishes, you can use stews, or to season pasta and rice. PACKAGE 50...

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  • “Tentullo”  220 gr. ” Select Collection”            It is a fleshy and compact mushroom with a very characteristic flavor and texture, which makes it one of the most appreciated and known mushrooms in the culinary field. Thanks to this type of olive oil packaging, you can enjoy the exceptional flavor of this exquisite mushroom throughout the year, just...

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  • “Gurumelo”, It is a mushroom highly prized for its great culinary value due to its excellent flavor. It is ideal both for eating alone, for example grilled, and to accompany other dishes such as rice, pasta, salads or meat garnishes because it gives them their powerful (powerful = powerful in Latín) flavor “Select Collection”.

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  • This combination of mushroom our help diferent combination for elebored our dishes, contributed all nutrients of all our variety. Our Mushroom Mixture, is a products more polyvalent and versatile. It can used in all recipes. This mushroom mixture is very delicious for used in pasta, rice and scrambled eggs. Peso neto: 350 gr

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  • Gourmet potatoes from the Sierra de Aracena 240-gram container, with the Patatas Perdi guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. At Patatas Fritas Perdi we select the best quality potatoes, peeled and brushed by hand to remove impurities and flavors that are not typical of our potato chips.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items