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Bee bread is the main protein source of adult bees and their larvae. It is composed of pollen , miel and various enzymes added by bees that transform the product through a lactic fermentation.

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It is a high-quality dietary supplement, which makes it possible to replace the deficiencies of modern refined food, counteract the effects of environmental pollution and attenuate the psychophysical wear produced by stress. It is also recommended for people subject to specific requirements of all kinds: intellectuals, drivers, night workers, etc. In the same way, asthenic and elderly individuals obtain great benefit from this preparation, quickly recovering physical, mental and sexual energies, increasing vigor, resistance to effort and general well-being.

In athletes the following results are appreciated: improves performance, work capacity and training will, delays the appearance of physical and mental fatigue, increases muscle mass without altering adipose tissue, and increases the potential oxireductor cellular and cardiovascular response. All without the collateral effects of the chemical products it replaces.