Pate Jerecitos

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Assorted pâté in mini tubs for breakfasts, format of 4 units of 23g

Available flavors:

*Iberian cachuela
*Tuna Pate
*Fresh tomato
* Iberian pate
*Cured ham
* York cream
*Pate with pepper
*York cheese
*Cream of turkey
*Pate with fine herbs
*Pate al pedro ximenez
* cream cheese

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Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, cream, ferments, salt, stabilizers: E-466, E-406, E-417. Without gluten

Nutritional values ​​per 100g

Energy value 251Kcal /1.038kj, fats 24g, of which saturated 17g, carbohydrates 2.3g, of which sugars 2g, proteins 6.3g, salt 1g


Ingredients: ham, milk, sunflower oil, salt, potato starch, spices, dextrose, stabilizers E-451, E-452, cream, thickener: E-466, antioxidants E-331, E-301, coloring E- 120, aromas, sheep's cheese, melting salts (E-202). May contain traces of milk and soy derivatives. Sterilized product

Nutritional values:

Energy value 236.00Kcal / 987.00kj, fats 19.00g, of which saturated 4.00g, carbohydrates 6.00g, of which sugars 1.50g, proteins 10.00g, salt 1.30g


Ingredients: milk, pork cold cuts (26%), (pork, water, potato starch, salt, soy protein, milk protein, sugar, corn dextrose, lactose, aromas, stabilizers E-451, E-407, preservative E-250, antioxidant, E-316, flavor enhancer E-621) sunflower oil, bacon, cured ham (10.3%), salt, powdered milk, starches, sugars, natural spices antioxidant E- 301 and E-331, emulsifier: E-451i, E-452i, E466, conserved E-250 dyes E-120.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

Energy value 534.00Kcal /2.233kj, fats 37.00g, of which saturated 11.00g, carbohydrates 4.00g, of which sugars 3.00g, proteins 9.00g, salt 1.00g


Ingredients: 60% pork liver, 35% lard, antioxidant E-330, spices and salt. May contain traces of milk and soy derivatives. Gluten free

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 608.00kcal, fats 62.00g, of which saturated 25.00g, carbohydrates 2.00g, of which sugars 1.00g, proteins 12.00g, salt 1.00g


Ingredients: 45% tuna, sunflower oil, salt, sugars (lactose and dextrose), potato starch, powdered milk, flavor enhancer E-627, E-631, E-621, aroma, emulsifier E-412, spices natural, preservatives E-202 and E-211. Contains preserved milk. Without gluten. Non-GMO

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g

Energy value 321.21kcal, 1,342.66kj, fats 26.58g, of which saturated 3.35g, carbohydrates 9.50g, of which sugars 5.00g, proteins 10.99g, salt 1.00g


Ingredients: pork fat (28%), water, pork liver (18.7%), pork meat (18.7%), salt, caseinates, spices, milk powder, milk protein, lactose, dextrose, emulsifier E-451 and E-452, preservative E-250, antioxidant E-301 and E-331i and aroma. May contain traces of soy. Gluten free.

Nutritional values:

Energy 293.37kcal, 1226.30kj, sodium 0.99, total sugars 0.95%, saturated fats 39.99, monosaturated fats 51.72, polyunsaturated fats: 8.27, carbohydrates 1.17%, fats 26.84%, protein 11.79%, moisture 56.84%, ash 3.36%


Ingredients: natural tomato, gluten free. May contain traces of milk and soy. Does not contain GMO

Nutritional values: energy 353.79kj, 84.64 kcal, moisture 87.26, fats 7.42, proteins: 1.04, ashes 0.86, carbohydrates 3.42


Ingredients: turkey meat (breast and thighs)(52%), water, potato starch, salt, soy protein, powdered milk, sugar, corn dextrose, aromas, milk, sunflower oil, spices, stabilizers, E -451, E-420, E-407, E-466 and E-452, preservative E-250, antioxidants E-316, E-331 and E-301 and dye E-120.

Nutritional values: energy 293.28kcal, 1225.91kj, sodium 1.01%, total sugars 2.57%, saturated fats 3.00%, carbohydrates 7.00%, fat 17.89, protein 7.23%